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Material Design for the Graphic Artist

Material design is Google’s intended successor to the ideas of “flat design” that become a popular trend in web design starting in 2010s. One of the great things about flat design is that it was unique, it was actually simple to implement, and it created some very clean user interfaces and graphic possibilities for websites. […]


Typography and Design

Typographical choices have a big impact on your designs, and that goes beyond the font that you use, or the colors. Typography, like minimalism, is affected by your negative space choices. How you arrange those letters, what you choose to put your typography, and even the consistency of those fonts, which you can use several […]


Three Mistakes that Could Be Holding Your Graphics Back

Graphic design is often a series of trial and error with finding your own style, your strengths, and areas where you can improve. If you’re always looking for ways to make your graphical style better, then you’re on the right track. There are mistakes, however, and you will find that many actually come from resting […]


The Benefits of Simple Logo Design

Everyone wants to create that iconic logo that will be remembered as part of a brand or product for decades to come, but it’s not always something that you can achieve. In fact, it’s pretty rare in any graphic design pursuit to get a simple design that turns into its own powerhouse. What you can […]

Improving Your Graphics with “Offline” Solutions

Computer generated graphics are incredibly easy on the budget, and on time, depending on the type of tools that you have available, but they aren’t the end of the line for creating impressive graphics. There may be times when you need the right photograph for a particular image, but don’t want to rely on the […]

Great Tips for Everyday Graphic Design

Starting out in graphic design is a matter of getting into the right habits, and some of them, like how you organize and do your work, just comes naturally over time. Others may require some practice or forethought. Here are a few tips that you can use in your everyday design that could give you […]


Doing More with Minimalism

“Minimalist” design has been popular with artists for a long time. Consider the very earliest cave drawings, which were little more than lines, curves, and the occasional squiggle, and yet expressed some important ideas to the primitive minds of that period. Hunting, dangers of the area, and even simple tribal and social ideas, could all […]

Creating Your Graphic Design Portfolio

Portfolios are your own personal gallery of works and achievements, and you absolutely need to have one if you don’t already. You can find many different templates and guides to creating your portfolio from scratch, including sites that will generate a template for you, but you also need to take the time to ensure you […]

A Quick Guide to Picking Colors

Depending on your project, you may just be looking at the color choices for a single image, or you may be deciding the tone for an entire website. It can be a heavy task even in the case of the former, because you could be creating a splash image that will be used on a […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Graphic Creativity

Creating cutting edge graphics is an admirable goal, but there will be times when you’re ready to work, but your muse seems to be on vacation. No matter how long you stare at a blank screen, an image and end goal won’t appear until creativity happens. The question is, how do you coax your own […]